About Freedom & Spirit

A bit of background

  • Caroline, art historian and Patrick, sales engineer, have the retail in the blood : many years lived in store
  • During these years, Caroline travels, imports, discovers foreign ranges and evaluates them in stores. Patrick develops brands, clients and networks.
  • Their paths cross and Freedom & Spirit was born in 2014: distributor of exclusive brands

Why Freedom & Spirit?

  • Freedom, is openness, creativity, discovery
  • Spirit , is respect, aesthetics and style.

What we believe

  • The distributor is a responsible retailer and explorer. He/She seeks, innovates and validates new brands for his/her market
  • He/She optimizes values for both the manufacturer and the shop
  • Our manufacturers are men and women whom we know and appreciate for their exclusive know-how and integrity
  • Our products are original, qualitative, functional and aesthetic
  • By their quality / pleasure / price ratio, our products are addressed to all and sell through in shops
  • We are in personal contact with our customers and want to exceed their expectations

Our clients

  • More than 150 boutiques, branded spaces, concept stores and sports shop spread across Belgium and Luxembourg
  • Among many others Milly & Stella, Terre Neuve, Just Julia, London store, Golf de Rigenée, Sélection, De Karavaan, Native, Spiridon, Stella May, Espace Mode, Galeria Inno, Ben's, Kusje, Paplou, Fashion Club, Signé Carole, Simon’s Concept Store, At the beach, Brussels Drohme Golf, Manalena, Orangeola, Why Not Corner, Golf de l'Empereur, …